Bacon Bulletin 1962
Newsletters from the Bacon Company during 1962.
Eaton Yale & Town Newsletters
Newsletter from Eaton Yale & Town newsletters from 1967-1968 given to me by Rita Ritchey. Her mother worked there at that time. The plant opened in 1953 and served as a major employer for our area for many years.
Bacon Company 1950
Christmas Dinner menu and pics from the C.H. Bacon Company, Paper Box Shops, Loudon and Lenoir City.
Bacon Creamery and Hosiery Mill
Bacon Creamery inside
Chas H Bacon Hosiery Mill
In 1906 C.H. Bacon started Loudon’s first factory, providing jobs for many Loudon Countians.
Burton Mill near Jackson School 1
Holsten Mfg Co. Lenoir City, TN
Construction of Visking
The manufacturing plant known as Viskase began in January 1957 as Viskase Corporation.
Chair Factory Group
The chair factory was started in 1912, on the site of a former marble mill. It was originally called Loudon Chair Manufacturing Company. In 1919 F.L. Hood bought controlling stock and changed the name to Hood Chair Company. In 1932 Don P. Smith bought all the stocks and changed the name to Don P. Smith Chair Company. Mr. Smith also served as the first mayor under the incorporation of Loudon in 1927. The business was run by his family until 1999.
chair factory (2)
when the site was sold to the city as part of a waterfront development. Most residents and workers most always pronounced the company as the cheer factory.
LC Carworks
Lenoir Car Works manufactured and repaired railroad car. The company covered 33 acres and had three main buildings with a machine shop, blacksmith shop, wood shop, and erecting shop where the cars were put together. The car works begun in 1904 and was purchased by Southern Railway in 1905. Train car making ended in 1930, the steel foundry closed in 1957 and the wheel foundry closed in 1963.
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
John J Lutz Mantle Factory employees 193
The mantel factory had its beginning as Loudon Manufacturing Company. About 1908 it was bought by a group of Knoxville businessmen, headed by John J. Lutz. The name changed to John J. Lutz Company. Mantels and furniture were manufactured there. After Lutz died in 1929, the company continued under new management, until the late 1930’s. The site was lated occupied by Greer’s Warehouse.
LC Carworks
LC Carworks
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