A&W 1
This was the A&W in Loudon, where Jay’s Grill is presently located.
Arp & White fan
Bacon obit
Blue Circle
Blue Circle where you could buy 5 cent burgers in the 1960’s, located where SubWay is now across the road from Union Carbide.
Bowman-Porter Furniture-Hardware Store
Cole's Grocery
Cam Hall's ESSO service station Loudon T
Cam Hall ESSO service station in Loudon, located where Townson service station was.
Carl Gile's Grocery 1
Carl's 1 - Midway Grill
Fresh Market November 22, 1945
Jake Bivens Shoe Shop
Pic of Jake Bivens Shoe Shop in Loudon. When your shoes became worn, this is where you went to get them fixed.
Jake Bivens at his shoe shop
Archie Dutton - Dutton's Grocery article
Archie Dutton owned and operated a store with his wife Marie for many years. The store “Dutton’s Grocery” was located in the Piney Community. Many can remember the pot belly stove and Coke container men would sit on talking about the news of the community.
Jake's Diner
Jake’s Diner also known as Under the Bridge Diner in Loudon.
C. H. Kimbrough Motor Co.
Many people may remember this as the Ed Watkins clothing store, before there was the C.H. Kimbrough Motor Company.
WB Lenoir papers_Page_1
WBLenoir receipt_Page_1
Lenoir receipt
Loudon businesses 1970
Loudon 5 to 5
Meyer & Hudson Pharmacy
Richesin's block
Richesin's & Loudon pics
Ernie & Henri Richesin
Simpson Grocery
Virgil Simpson
Hosiery Mill Front
King's Inn Front
Inn of Lenoir 1 Front
Hosiery Mill Front
Post Office 1 Front
Cross-Eyed Cricket 1 Front
Knitting Mill Front
Rexall Front
Car Works 2 Front
Holston MFG 2 Front
A Street 2 Front 2
Lacy Store
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